Why choose [SAFEGOAL] for sports facilities?


The primary reason is safety. A goal [SAFEGOAL] prevents injury, serious accidents and saves lives. In schools and sports facilities is essential to ensure the safety of users.

In [SAFEGOAL] we developed a technologically excellent and unique product, that can offer greater safety, what sets us apart from conventional goals. Reduce the rate of accidents is one of our goals.

The SAFETY the service of sport and sportsmen

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Safety is our principle

The impact that a person suffers from one of our goals is antilesiones 44% suffered less than any conventional impacting target market.

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A unique system in the world

We offer a technologically excellent and unique product, manufactured in compliance with all international regulations [AT-748 & IN- 749].

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Quality, our obsession

The bounce of the ball is similar to other conventional goals, according to research conducted by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia IBV.

“The goals must not constitute a danger to the players”

International Football Association Board organismo que determina las “Rules of Football”